Dog Spent 4 Years At Shelter Bursts Into Joyful Dance When Being Adopted

When a neglected dog called Dreadlock arrived at a Thailand shelter, he was 6 years old. He had a host of skin problems, and his coat was in dreads but Soi Dog Foundation’s staff was not about to give up on him.

Their work was so hard to make Dreadlock, who had a quiet personality, ready for adoption. People would overlook him repeatedly despite being an affectionate and cuddly dog.

He then accepted that no one wanted, or will want him, so, he shut himself down in a corner of the shelter.

The video below shows a volunteer walking towards Dreadlock, who is now 10 years old, to prepare him for a flight as he gets adopted by a family in the UK.

Dreadlock magically transforms into a small pup when he realizes that he has been finally adopted. He is happy for the first time. What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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