Paralyzed Stray Dog Found Crying In Pain Hopeless For Days Beside The Road

Many reports have been received before 2 days about a poor dog who could not move back legs after she was hit by a vehicle.

It was clear that the dog who was grieving has just given birth and missed her puppies. Happily, the dog, who was almost paralysed and probably with a broken leg, was rescued.

And because there was no evidence to find her puppies anywhere, it was suspected that Sinead, the dog, is still pregnant. So, after Doc Pierre did her X-rays, it was found that she had a fractured spine, which has affected her nerves in her hind legs. However, she could pee and poop at shelter so hopefully these functions have not been affected.

It is believed that with laser therapy there is a chance of recovery, so, it was programmed to give her intense laser therapy for 7 days in a row. Fortunately, after 5 days of medication, she could eat and drink on her own and also poop 3 times last night. Moreover, she had grown significant improvement in terms of bone growth and muscle after thirteen days.

Anyway, despite being a little bit weak, it is hoped that she will be stronger with more therapy sessions. She is better now after one month but she probably can’t use her legs again. We hope that she will meet her forever family she deserves. Watch the video below.

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