Boxer Dog With Sad Eyes Found Abandoned Ant Tied To A Lamppost

A local resident called Graham Dobson found a very scared dog tied to a lamppost while driving to work. After feeding the dog, Dobson waited with the dog in hopes that his owner would come back for him, but he didn’t.

That’s when Dobson knew that the dog was abandoned! Dobson the called the dog warden to pick him up. The dog, who was very sad, just wished for a forever home. The dog was then transferred to Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire Boxer Rescue, where he is receiving the care he needs.

Fortunately, the dog, who was named Max, was fostered till the rescue group finds him the best forever home for him.

The shelter received many adoption applications for Max, but they said that they prefer to take care of him till he is completely ready to go to his forever home.

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