Homeless Dog Lives With His Owner On The Streets For Years, Now Has His Comfy Bed

It is known that dogs and homeless people can always be good friends and this story is a perfect example. A dog called Hero lived with his owner, who loved him very much.

The owner decided to surrender Hero to a rescue organization in California as he was not able to give him the care he needed. The dog was then shipped up to British Columbia as the shelter was full. He was lucky enough to find a forever family!

When Sarah and her husband saw Hero, they directly went to meet him. Once they saw him, they knew that he was the one as they fell in love with him from the first sight. So, they directly signed the papers to adopt him.

Sarah said that Hero is so adorable, muscular and solid. She also added that they’re completely devoted to him. Hero loves them and lives his life like any other dog. He goes for walks, plays in the backyard, takes baths, and the most important thing is sleep in a comfy bed! What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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