Shark Sends Entire Family For Stunning “Thank You” After Diver Saves It From Fishing Net.

This story shows us that animals can use a way or another to communicate with us. When Iñaki, a diver who lives in Australia, was in a scuba tour, he was encountered by a shark just of Byron Bay. Iñaki and 3 other drivers did not surprise the existence of the shark in this side of the sea, but what surprised them was what coming out of his mouth.

So, Iñaki decided to take a closer look to know what was going out of the shark’s mouth. After getting closer, he saw that the shark’s mouth was blocked by a fishing net.

This could lead to the shark’s death as it was very hard to remove it by itself, so, it was obvious that the shark was asking for help. Instead of being afraid of the shark, Iñaki got so close to help it get rid of the net.

After removing the net from the shark’s mouth, the shark started swinging and writhing its head trying to help Iñaki who remove net. It was a happy ending for everyone. Iñaki added that sharks are not monsters they are creatures who need our help when they are in trouble. How awesome! Watch the video below.

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