Abandoned Dog Fund On The Side Of The Road With His Mouth And Eyes Glued Shut

A mixed breed dog, a Terrier was found abandoned by a hearted individual on a busy road. Shockingly the dogs eyes and mouth had been taped shut indicating that someone deliberately intended harm. An immediate rush, to the hospital revealed bruises on her body. It took hours of treatment to remove the adhesive and address her injuries.

Despite the ordeal she went through she was given the name Glory due to her spirit and determination to survive. It took days of care at the emergency veterinarians office before she could even begin to recover.. Now she is. Enjoying her life with a loving new family!

The Waggy family initially offered to foster Glory. They were so taken by her nature that they ultimately decided to adopt her as a permanent family member. She is now living in a home where she feels completely at ease able to run, play and enjoy being carefree. It’s truly a match that ensures she will never experience neglect or harm again.

I find it truly incomprehensible why someone would inflict cruelty on an loving creature.. Thanks to the compassion and efforts of those who found her and the Waggy family Glorys story has taken a turn, for the better.