Dog Found Tied In Trash Bag, Left To Rot By Riverbed Is Rescued Just In Time

Two women were taking a walk along the rivers, in Messina, a town in southern Italy when they were startled by faint cries coming from somewhere nearby. Intrigued the women decided to investigate. 

Were met with a sight. A dog trapped inside a garbage bag amidst the decaying bodies of other animals.

Filled with horror and compassion the women wasted no time in freeing the dog from its confinement. They were shocked to see that the poor creature had been cruelly tied up with wires while being devoured by vermin. Not that.

The dogs hind legs seemed paralyzed due to some kind of physical trauma. Fortunately he eagerly drank the water offered by his rescuers.

A compassionate animal rescue volunteer named Linda Li soon arrived on the scene. Took charge of transporting the injured dog to receive needed medical attention. The courageous canine was named Oliviero. The veterinarians who examined him reported that he was severely dehydrated, malnourished and too weak to stand. It’s truly remarkable that he managed to survive through circumstances.

With proper care and treatment Oliviero miraculously recovered from his ordeal without any parasites or fly larvae infestation. In a turn of events a generous woman stepped forward. Offered to provide temporary shelter for Oliviero during his recovery period. However as time went on and their bond grew stronger she couldn’t bear to part ways with him. She decided to give him a home!

Today Oliviero resides happily in his loving home where he is finally experiencing the comfort and affection he deserves. His transformation isn’t just physical. Has also brought about positive changes, in his mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

Watch the video above for an account of how these incredible women saved Olivieros life.

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