Woman Starved Heavily Pregnant Dog And Kept Her In Horrible Living Conditions

The RSPCA has recently shared images that reveal the living conditions in which a starving and heavily pregnant dog was kept by a makeup artist, from Plymouth. After an investigation and legal proceedings led by the RSPCA Zoe Small, a 31 year woman residing on Tamerton Avenue in St. Budeaux has been banned from owning dogs due to her plea on two animal welfare charges.

Small has been prohibited from owning dogs for eight years. Has been sentenced to perform 200 hours of labor. These sanctions were imposed by the Plymouth Magistrates Court after she admitted to causing suffering by neglecting to address and identify the reasons behind Bellas weight loss as well as failing to provide her with an appropriate living environment.

Inspector Jim Farr of the RSPCA an organization dedicated to animal welfare was alerted by veterinarians when Bella, a black and white Spaniel was brought in for an emergency caesarean section. Concerned about Bellas condition and lack of energy the veterinarian determined that she was experiencing chronic malnutrition and not receiving adequate care during her pregnancy.

Consequently the RSPCA initiated an investigation. Inspector Farr accompanied police officers and a veterinarian to visit the run down stables where Bella was being kept at Blackdown Meadows, near Kingsbridge. He described what they discovered during their visit.

“He explained that we headed towards the block, which consisted of four stables. Some of the entrances, to the stables were. There was a collection of discarded items, including tools and a small motorcycle.

Based on the information I had received Bella was kept in the stable from the left until she was moved out on the day.

Inside it was very damp. The floor was covered with a layer of soil and other debris, old sawdust. Feces were scattered across the floor. In one corner there was a triangular sectioned off area with damp cloth bedding. However this area wouldn’t have been sufficient for Bellas puppies. If she had given birth on the floor there were no spots, in the rest of the stable.

There was a basin but no visible water. By the door there was an amount of dog food that appeared to have been recently flung there. The stable itself measured 12 feet by 12 feet in size while the bedded area occupied 4 feet by 3 feet and reached a depth of 2 feet and 6 inches.”In addition, to being disqualified and required to perform work, Small, who works as a make up artist under the name Make up by Zoe Small was also instructed to engage in 20 days of rehabilitation activities. Additionally they are responsible for paying £250 in costs and £114 as a victim surcharge.

Bella and her puppies were entrusted to the care of the RSPCA enabling them to find loving homes. Initially there was an order for Bella to be put down. The RSPCA attorney contested this decision, on appeal. As a result Bella and her litter will now have the opportunity to be adopted by families.