Rescuers Find Dog After Being Trapped For 90 Hours Buried Under Earthquake Rubble

The devastating earthquake, in Turkey has left lives shattered. Amidst the rubble there was a glimmer of hope. Rescuers were amazed to find a living dog named Little Pamuk trapped beneath the debris in Hatay. After enduring than 90 hours of being buried this brave Poodle terrier mix was finally discovered.

In a heartwarming video captured by the rescuers Little Pamuks terrified eyes peek out from above the wreckage. Her body is pinned under concrete, soil and twisted metal. The rescuers are determined to free her. They provide her with water. Work tirelessly to dig her out while offering comforting words. Despite the ordeal Little Pamuk miraculously only sustained injuries.

This dogs rescue showcases the challenges faced by rescuers as they navigate through perilous debris in search of survivors. The discovery of two women in a collapsed building on Thursday renewed hope among rescuers and locals who believe in miracles during such trying times. However with each passing moment finding survivors becomes increasingly unlikely. 

The harsh winter conditions make it more distressing, for those who have lost their homes and are left without shelter or supplies.