Aggressive Wolf Dog Saved From Hoarder Changes His Behaviors When He Meets Woman

Dakota, a wolf dog has not changed his behavior but also had a significant impact, on the dynamics of his community. Recently Kim from Arctic Fox Daily Wildlife Rescue received a call from the New York Department of Environmental Conservation. 

They informed her about a situation where they needed to take custody of a pack of wolf dogs due to hoarding. They asked if Kim had space for Dakota.

Arctic Fox Daily Wildlife Rescue serves as a sanctuary for foxes and wolf canines that cannot be released into the wild. Although Kim didn’t have experience with wolf dogs at first she agreed to provide shelter for Dakota.

Before Dakota arrived at the sanctuary Kim was warned that he could be “aggressive.” However upon entering his home at the sanctuary he seemed to experience a sense of freedom. Despite fear due to his size Dakota now eagerly jumps up to show affection and receive pets from Kim.

As their bond grew stronger over a few months Kim made the decision to permanently keep Dakota as part of her family. She even constructed a designed enclosure, for wolf dogs. Continued rescuing more animals.

Kim recalls how impolite and mischievous Dakota used to be when she first received him. She later discovered that he had been kept in a roadside menagerie where people paid just to catch glimpses of him.

Kim has noticed that he is clearly the member of her wolf dog pack, with a makeup of 55% grey wolf and 45% dog. However she has observed that having a percentage of wolf genes does not necessarily mean being more aggressive. In her experience when there are wolves in a pack they tend to exhibit aggression.

Ever since Dakota arrived at the sanctuary there have been changes in the surrounding area. Kims father mentioned that the dynamics among canines, on the road have completely shifted and now all the nearby dogs start howling when they hear wolf dogs.