Woman Brought Dying Puppy Into Chimp Sanctuary, And Gets Well Care By Chimp Family

2 chimpanzee activists found a puppy called Snafu emaciated and starving on a road side in Liberia, Africa.

They brought him to the chimp sanctuary as they did not know where to take him. They also introduced him to the chimps there. Snafu, whose muscles had wasted away, and had missing fur and infectious sores was completely exhausted.

Snafu was given some emergency treatment by the sanctuary’s vet in hope that he would recover. He was also given love and care by the chimp family. Miraculously, the dog started recovering!

Snafu found it hard to beat the urge to scratch them as his sores started healing, so he was put in a cone to be protected. He was always scooped up by the chimps after seeing that his movement was limited by the cone.

Snafu was protected and nurtured for an entire year by the chimp family. Thankfully, Snafu was adopted by a loving family in Colorado but as he is completely healed and big enough. He will never forget the chimp family that raised him and took care of him. Watch the video below.

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