22 Days After Turkey’s Earthquakes, Husky Is Miraculously Rescued From The Rubble.

A dog named Alex was successfully saved after enduring 22 days trapped under the wreckage caused by the devastating earthquakes, in Turkey. The brave rescue team from HAYTAP, an animal welfare organization managed to locate and free Alex from the collapsed building in Hatay province on February 28. 

Touching footage captured their efforts as they carefully navigated through the debris and called out to the dog.

Osman Polatsaid, an animal rescue worker at HAYTAP along with her rescuers located Alex wedged between two blocks. They provided him with water. Swiftly transported him to a waiting vehicle. When they gently set him down Alex hesitated to leave their embrace.

According to media reports HAYTAP responded promptly to the location after receiving reports from Alexs family about hearing barking sounds coming from the two story building.

Polatsaid later shared with Anadolu, a news agency that despite losing weight during his ordeal Alex was otherwise deemed to be in ” health.” She described his survival for 22 days without food or water as nothing of miraculous.

There have also been heartwarming accounts of animal rescues following the earthquakes, in Turkey. One such story involves a cat who steadfastly refuses to leave his rescuers side while another recounts how a buried poodle was miraculously saved.