Woman Finds Pit Bull Inside Wooden Box Sealed With Nails

A kindhearted woman came across a Pit Bull who had been trapped in a crate and decided to give him a loving home.

The dog, now called Diego had been desperately trying to escape his confined space. Unfortunately the entrance of the crate had been sealed shut with nails making it impossible for him to get out. In December someone told Feleciana Ramirez, in Oklahoma City about an abandoned animal trapped in a crate near the Oklahoma River.

Ramirez took it upon herself to investigate. Found a wooden trunk with its entrance tightly sealed with screws and nails.

Armed with a utility ax she broke open the trunk and peered inside finding Diego in there. Recalling the moment she first saw him Ramirez told 9 News Oklahoma that she was amazed to find something considering how silent he was, without any whimpering.

Upon examining the crates entrance she noticed protruding nails and signs of damage caused by Diegos attempts to chew or break free.

Inside the crate Ramirez discovered that Diego was emaciated and covered in wounds. It became apparent that he had been abandoned near the river without food or water for a period of time. Thankfully he was found in time. Rescued from his dire situation.

The door bore scratches where he desperately tried to escape. His body was covered in wounds and scars. He appeared malnourished. On January 1 the Mutt Misfits Animal Rescue Society shared Diegos story on Facebook stating that he had endured both emotional pain, for a period of time inside that box.

After a days Diego was taken to OKC Animal Welfare. It was the Mutt Misfits Animal Rescue Society that stepped in and saved him. He was then placed under the care of mother Kayla Wise for recovery.

“He seemed exhausted and terrified. I think exhaustion took its toll on him as he slept much ” Wise revealed in an interview with 9 News. In all my years of fostering his case is by far the severe I’ve ever encountered.

Under Wises care Diegos confidence. He managed to gain 20 pounds over the next five weeks. The Mutt Misfits Animal Rescue Society shared on Facebook that despite everything he had been through Diego remained sweet natured and gentle. Among the families interested in adopting him Ramirez and her family were chosen after interviews conducted by Mutt Misfits.

Ramirez couldn’t be happier, about welcoming Diego into her family. Still struggles to comprehend how anyone could have inflicted harm upon him.

Diego probably never even dreamed of having a family that would love and cherish him much.