Abandoned Dog Gone Through Grueling Battle To Beat Cancer Which Brought Tears To Our Eyes

Boby had suffered a lot before Dalia Gámez found him and decided to take him in, hoping to see him fully recovered and happy as he deserved.

That has been the reality of many who now enjoy the happy ending they always dreamed of, like Boby, a dog from Mexico who faced a very difficult fight .

Like many other puppies, Boby lived on the streets after being abandoned, except that he was in a rather delicate setting, having his body full of cancerous tumors , something that hurt just to see it.

And not only that, he also suffered from obvious malnutrition .

Since no one took care of him, he had no choice but to take refuge as best he could , always maintaining a noble look that transmitted sadness to whoever saw it, like Dalia Gámez.

Dalia is a woman who is dedicated to rescuing animals independently , and one day they met Boby.

Seeing him in such a delicate situation in which his life was seriously threatened, he decided to adopt him knowing that it was not going to be an easy task to take care of him, so he began to give him love and attention by taking him to chemotherapy sessions.

And although the treatment could be very aggressive when she was in a state of malnutrition , Dalia knew that it was the best thing she could do for Boby’s good.

Dalia made an effort from the first day so that Boby did not lack anything, especially in his health care.

The puppy had to attend 8 chemotherapy sessions , but thanks to the gesture and support of its new owner, the changes began to be noticed.

After 2 months of treatment , Boby was another puppy. The tumors on his body were gone , his fur looked radiant and the huge smile on his face said it all: he was happy.

With just this Boby had the right to be more than grateful , but it wasn’t all. Although it was difficult, Dalia took it upon herself to find him a family that could take care of him forever and that was when she met one from Ciudad Obregón in Mexico according to Telemax News.

Both Boby and his new family were happy to meet each other . Since then Boby has learned what it is to live in a house, go for a walk, play, have fun and share with a family that loves him every day.