Dog Returned For Adoption Since She Had Chronic Disease, Finds Home With Girl

This dog had been adopted before. Because it required extra care it was returned. For months nobody was willing to give her a chance until she finally found someone who was able to understand her needs.

The Humane Rescue Alliance, a rescue group, in the US again stepped up to offer Fiona another chance. They believe in not giving up on the puppies they save. The furry lady started showing symptoms of a condition called Cushings syndrome, such as hair loss, frequent urination the need for medications and a protruding belly.

Because of all these challenges she faced she seemed like an option for families looking to adopt a dog. Despite being adopted in January this year she ended up back at the shelter in August. Even though they knew it would be difficult the volunteers persisted in finding her a home.

Myanni, Monica Whitakers five year daughter wanted to have a cat. When they first saw Fiona at the shelter they were concerned that she might be pregnant.. When they asked about it specifically the woman at the shelter assured them that Fiona wasn’t expecting any kittens. She explained all the special care requirements Fiona had. They realized that this was the obstacle, to her adoption.

Myanni was given a piece of cheese by a kind volunteer with the intention to shred it and offer it to Fiona once she responded. The young child then knelt down to pet the dog. Disregarding this the girl generously gave the Lady the slice of cheese hoping it would immediately bring her joy.

Soon as the daughter made up her mind to bring the home her mother couldn’t help but shed tears. Monica understood what it meant to experience rejection because her 19 year old son had been, through an accident at six years old which left him with a speech impediment and intellectual disability.

Knowing Fionas background Monica decided to adopt a dog of getting a cat. The morning everyone at the animal rescue group mourned when they realized that their fluffy companion had been with them for 120 days.

With Monicas son taking Fiona for walks and allowing her to relax on the couch she quickly felt like part of the family. She seamlessly assumed Myannis role as a leader, in their household.