Mama Dog Being Shooed Away, Uses Her Body to Protect Her Only Remaining Puppy

A disturbed individual forcibly separated a mother from her child leaving her with no option but to protect her family member with her body. Shockingly he recorded this incident. Shared it online while the mother desperately fled.

It’s unimaginable how twisted someones mind must be to engage in behavior! Fortunately soon as the video gained attention the local animal control authorities stepped in promptly.

They swiftly located the mother. Rushed both her and the child to a veterinary clinic, for immediate aid. Tragically during their examination it was discovered that the mother dog had suffered a leg due to circumstances. Additionally over a thousand parasites had taken residence on the childs body.

The day a gathering was arranged in the treatment room of the veterinary clinic. Once they fully recovered from their ordeal they were granted permission to find safety at an animal shelter.

Now that both Mika and Kenneth are, out of harms way and secure they have been given these names as an act of care and compassion.