Puppy Shed Tears in the Car After Leaving the Cemetery, Missing Her Mother Deeply

After receiving a video, about some dogs in need our Animal Shelter sprang into action. There were initially two puppies found wandering around a cemetery. By the time our rescue squad arrived only one was left. 

The remaining pup had gotten tangled up in the underbrush. Seemed frightened after losing her mother.

Once we got her into the car she was visibly upset and on the verge of tears. We made sure to have her tested for enteritis during the waiting period. Luckily she tested negative.

The graveyard seemed to be a spot for strays to visit. It’s secure with not people but unfortunately this also puts them at risk of getting sick.

Our priority was to locate her family while taking care of her temporarily. It took us two days to find the mother dog. Upon noticing that she was crying we promptly took her to see a veterinarian. Understandably exhausted from everything she had been through she spent some time resting and sleeping.

Thankfully both she and her mother didn’t have any health issues. Her overall health wasn’t compromised except for one unfortunate detail. Like her sister she contracted a diarrheal disease that caused discomfort and pain. The treatment required an infusion which proved to be challenging for her.

Despite these challenges along the way there was still hope for a future awaiting them. However Chloes journey didn’t end there as another hurdle arose. An itchy red rash covered her body. The doctor diagnosed it as ringworm which extended her stay at our shelter, for treatment.

They eventually discovered joy after enduring hardships. It was a heartwarming ending for the mother and her adorable puppies, who were members of their loving family.