Dog Stops While Walking And Stars At His Dad He Hasn’t Seen Him In 3 Years

We often find ourselves wondering if our furry friends remember us after a vacation or business trip. I believe this video will finally put that question to rest. Leaving our companions behind is never easy. Sometimes its necessary. It turns out that dogs have a memory that surpasses our expectations.

Dogs are loyal creatures who constantly amaze us. When you combine their memory with their sense of smell it’s safe to say they won’t be forgetting about us anytime soon. If there was ever a situation to truly test whether a dog can forget its owner, the one depicted in this video is definitely it.

It has been three years since this dog last saw his owner. As Mom holds him on his leash they eagerly await Dads arrival, from the plane. They turn around. There he is—Dad standing before them. The dog. Gazes at him intently. 

At this moment Dad must be wondering if his furry companion remembers him.. Within seconds the reaction he had hoped for emerges! The dog starts whimpering and crying while joyfully jumping over Dad showering him with kisses, as a welcome back home.

It’s a heartwarming sight. Everyone, at the airport terminal pauses their activities to witness it. It’s impossible not to be captivated by such a moment of reunion. I assure you once you see it a smile will automatically light up your face!