Woman Filmed Abandons Her Senior Dog Outside On A Very Hot Day Of The Year

It’s always heart wrenching when dogs are abandoned. The situation involving a dog named Buddy was particularly shocking. This elderly dog was left outside a shelter after closing hours on the day of the year.

According to a post, on Facebook by Fort Bend County Animal Services, an unidentified woman left a dog estimated to be 12 to 14 years old outside the shelter when it was closed.

Despite there being a sign at the shelter specifically prohibiting people from leaving animals on their property after hours she disregarded it. Left the dog alone outside in the scorching heat. The temperatures in that area reached a 109 degrees Fahrenheit, which tied for the recorded temperature ever.

In response to this incident one commenter on Facebook expressed their outrage; “Yesterday was literally the day ! I. Pray that Buddy finds someone who will treat him better. I am thoroughly disgusted.”

Fort Bend County Animal Services mentioned that they discovered a microchip on Buddy. They are currently investigating further. Are in contact, with a rescue organization that had previously purchased this microchip from BuddyID company.

The shelter has expressed their concern, for Buddy emphasizing the importance of finding him an secure home. They are also seeking information about the woman who left him there even sharing security camera photos of her and her vehicle.

The shelter acknowledges that the woman may not be guilty of abandonment. It’s possible that she found Buddy as a stray and was simply trying to bring him to the safety of a shelter. Regardless Fort Bend County Animal Services wishes to speak with her to gather details.

While it remains uncertain when Buddy will become available for adoption we can rely on the shelter to keep us updated on his status.

If you happen to have any information regarding the woman who was seen leaving Buddy at the shelter please reach out to Fort Bend County Animal Services at 281 342 1512.

It is truly heart wrenching to witness such an act of abandoning a dog on such a scorching day. However we take solace in knowing that Buddy is now, in hands and we sincerely hope he finds a home soon! Please help spread awareness by sharing this story.