Senior Dog Shakes In Fear After Being Surrendered To Shelter By His Dad

Dogs always remain loyal, to their companions even as they grow old. Regrettably humans don’t always reciprocate that loyalty when it comes to pets.

Fortunately there are real life superheroes known as animal rescuers who step up and provide love and care for these abandoned dogs.

Rochelle Steffen is the founder of Macs Mission, a profit organization dedicated to rescuing special needs dogs located in Jackson, Missouri. This remarkable organization saves dogs from over the country who would otherwise face euthanasia. They rescue puppies born with cleft palates or hydrocephalus as senior dogs like Lindt.

Lindt, a 14 year dog was surrendered to a shelter by her owner due to moving into an apartment. The poor senior dog is. Fearful in her environment.

Macs Mission took Lindt under their care. Gave her a name. She was previously known as Butterscotch. Rochelle shared a video of Lindt on TikTok that moved viewers to tears. In her post she wrote about how Lindt’s withdrawn after being suddenly separated from everything she has ever known. Rochelle also emphasized the importance of having plans in place for ones pets.

Numerous people expressed their outrage, in the comments section. Stated that they would never abandon their dogs. Unfortunately such heart wrenching situations occur frequently.

Rochelle responded by saying, “This lady shared an experience and now shes moving into an apartment. She also completely neglected this dog.”

Lindt arrived with nails that were too long covered in fleas. Had a large tumor hanging from her stomach. Her nails were trimmed she received a comforting bath. Underwent surgery to remove the tumor. The rescue organization posted, “This is the kind of support you all provide. We’ve rescued 20 dogs in a few days. However we can’t rescue any more unless we win $1 million or find adopters or foster families, for some of them. Thank you for allowing us to save this girl; she will be available, for adoption once her vetting is complete.”

Lindts heartbreaking story has touched the hearts of dog enthusiasts. Many have commented that they have made arrangements to ensure their dogs are well cared for and don’t end up at shelters if something were to happen to them.

One dog owner shared, “I actually have a plan outlined in my will for my companion – including who should take care of her how to cover expenses and who should visit – because shes like my own child.”

It has been suggested that people should consider appointing godparents for their friends, dogs.

Lindt, an deserving dog deserves to spend her years in a caring and loving home. People, from both near and far are encouraged to adopt her. The rescue organization kindly requests individuals to visit the shelter for the finalization of the adoption process. They are more than happy to arrange meet and greets; however these meetings are limited to approved adopters only as they do not cater to the public. If you’re interested in adopting Lindt or any other dog you can complete an application on their website.

Macs Mission is a rescue organization that takes pride in their slogan “I am pitbull strong.” This slogan pays tribute to Mac, a rescue dog who had an impact on this organization. Rochelle, who adopted Mac on April 11th 2011 enjoyed ten years with him before he peacefully crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Rochelle wrote that Macs superhero legacy will forever live on through the effect of this needs rescue.

Take a moment to browse through all the dogs for adoption and consider opening your heart and home to a dog or one, with special needs.