Happiest Photo Ever For Dog’s First Night At Home From Shelter

After leaving the shelter the night! An heartwarming adoption photo captured! This is what it looks like to save a life. Please refrain from making any purchases. Stay always prepared.

A pit bulls emotional reaction, to spending his night in his home with his new family has deeply moved people online. The dog sported a grin.

The owner shared the story on Reddit mentioning that it was the dogs night at their place after being adopted.

The adopted pit bull snuggled up with his human sister and beamed with joy knowing that he was now safe and comfortable in his loving home.

“When I saw him smile I knew I had made the choice ” stated the owner.

Compared to dog breeds pit bulls have an adoption rate, which leads them to spend three times longer in shelters.

Even though American pit bulls are commonly found in shelters nationwide research shows that half of dogs labeled as “pit bulls” do not have any pit bull DNA.

Due, to incidents of attacks and aggression pit bulls remain a breed that many potential owners tend to steer clear of.Arizona State University conducted a study to explore how a dogs label impacts its chances of being adopted into a home. Research reveals that dogs identified as “pit bulls” tend to spend, over three times in shelters compared to looking dogs without that label.

To avoid getting into trouble a dog pretends to be the victim in a video.

Online audiences have been touched by the bond between a dog and a rabbit who have grown up together.

On the internet a dog that accidentally reenacts scenes from movies is called a “star.”

The user expressed, “This picture really warmed my heart after such a day.”

Suddenly someone exclaimed, “Oh my goodness look at that face! Cherishbull.”

I find myself smiling and drifting off at the time. Another individual commented, “You truly made their lives better.”

Another person mentioned that dogs with trauma often sleep for periods once they are adopted. They shared, “I am not sure about this case but its common for pups, from challenging backgrounds to just sleep for days when they finally find safety in their home.”