German Shepherd Like Sack Of Bones, Saved After It Laid Down In Front of Stranger’s House

A hearted individual discovered a German Shepherd on the street near their home and called Stray Rescue of St. Louis for help. The dog seemed unable to walk leading them to believe that it may have been hit by a car.

Describing the dog as emaciated and covered in burrs Stray Rescue of St. Louis shared in their YouTube video that the poor old soul appeared to have been living among trash and had back legs. While they don’t believe he was struck by a car it seems likely that he has degenerative myelopathy, which affects the strength of his spine and hind limbs.

Degenerative myelopathy is prevalent, among purebred German Shepherds. Unfortunately has no cure. However there are treatments that can enhance the well being of dogs with this condition including mobility aids like doggie wheelchairs to assist them in walking.

However upon bringing him to their shelter Stray Rescues immediate focus wasn’t, on treating the German Shepherds degenerative myelopathy. Their first priority was cleaning him up. Ensuring he received hydration and nourishment.

The poor dog had a lot of burrs stuck in his fur. The rescuers gave him the name “Bill Burr” because of it.

“We’re taking care of him now as hes very thirsty and hungry. He’s such a dog and we’re grateful to have him ” Stray Rescue wrote.

After some time Bill Burr started feeling when Katie, a dear friend of Stray Rescue and a superhero foster mom came by to groom him. Katie works as a groomer, at Grooming by Pam. Made sure that this gentle German Shepherd received the spa treatment.

“Bill Burr is, like a dog ” shared Stray Rescue. “He looks so handsome now and smells amazing. His fur is shining! Maybe he never had a bath before in his life. He definitely seemed to enjoy it. The love pouring in from all of you is giving him strength!”

Undoubtedly Bill Burr will continue to feel better with each passing day.