Poisoned Mother Dog, Spent Her Last Energy Lifting Her Head Begging To Save Her Puppies

“When Luna came into our lives my heart was filled with both joy and sorrow…

One day as she was, out searching for food for her six puppies, a cruel act of poisoning took place. Someone heartlessly placed poisoned food under a car causing Luna to fall victim to it while trying to feed herself and her precious pups.

A compassionate child stumbled upon Luna in her state. After ensuring the person responsible for the poisoned food had left the child quickly contacted the Prishtina Dog Shelter for help.

Upon their arrival Luna struggled to breathe. Managed to lift her head in a plea for assistance to save her puppies. Thanks to an emergency injection administered by a volunteer veterinarian Lunas life was spared.

After being brought to the Prishtina Dog Shelter Luna was reunited with her ones…

Though weak and in need of rest initially Luna eventually stabilized. The following day marked a milestone as she received her round of vaccinations crucial for both her well being and that of her young ones. Despite feeling anxious Luna bravely faced the procedure, with determination.

While Lunas puppies were still too young to be adopted at that time they were given a bill of health after being checked by the vet. The moment Luna laid eyes on them again filled her with joy.”She appeared welcoming indicating that she wasn’t a dog abandoned in that location.

Luna two ones left behind and discovered just a day before Luna trail after Luna. She graciously lets them nurse despite not being their own. Isn’t she a mother?