Cop Rescues A Puppy Found Drowning In Septic Drain And Decides to Become His Dad

Officers, from the St. Lucie County Sheriffs Office in Florida were startled by a sound as they were leaving a call. Curious they decided to investigate and discovered the whimpering coming from a drain. To their relief they found a dog on the brink of drowning.

Believing it was meant to be one of the officers felt a connection, with the dog and decided to adopt him.

While most people might have ignored those sounds these compassionate policemen followed their instincts. Saved the helpless puppy.

One of the officers who stumbled upon this tiny puppy struggling to stay afloat in the drain was named James Gettings.

When assistance arrived James was. Scared but determined not to give up.

The officers diligently cleaned up the dog until he regained his scent. Then they began searching for his family.

Since no owner could be found Officer Gettings took the pup home. Named him Puddle.

Currently Puddle is. Enjoying every moment of his life.