Sweet Boy Go Over The Rainbow Bridge.

Yesterday I had to bid farewell to my dog and let him cross over the rainbow bridge. Now he can run, explore and sniff to his hearts content! I find solace in knowing that he is free, from pain and able to sprint like the wind

Five years ago fate brought Teddy into our lives. It all started when I came across Teddys photo on Petfinder six months prior. Instantly captivated by his image I fell head over heels in love with him. However my husband preferred a dog than a senior canine so I reluctantly let the idea go.

Fast forward six months later; during a visit to the veterinarians office I asked if they knew of anyone looking for a home for a Golden Retriever who could be a companion for our Golden. One of the staff members provided me with the contact information of a lady who was temporarily fostering a Golden Retriever.

I reached out. Had a conversation with her. She expressed concerns about her dog needing to be in an environment without pets due to certain requirements. However she mentioned that she did have a dog herself. Without any hesitation or objections, on my part regarding adopting a pet she emailed me Teddys photo—a face that had stolen my heart many months ago.

The following weekend. She brought Teddy over for us to meet him in person—and it felt like he belonged there with us from that moment forward!I feel really sad that our time together was limited. I’m grateful that we were able to make his years filled with happiness.

I love you, my Teddybear. Soar, like the wind!