Sweet Little Girl With Red Hear Who Came In To Stay

Months after we tragically said goodbye to our labrador, my husband. I decided to visit the shelter with high hopes of finding a new furry companion. Our main requirement was that it had to be a dog to ensure compatibility, with our lab.. There amidst the chaos we stumbled upon “Ziggy” – a muddy little brown dog tangled in severe mats. Instantly we knew she was the one.

As we began filling out the paperwork a staff member approached us with news; “Ziggy” was actually a female. Due to the state of her fur there had been a mislabeling by the shelter staff. However this revelation did not change our decision all; this sweet little girl was meant to come with us. We decided to name her “Lola,” inspired by a song from the 1960s by The Kinks. After receiving grooming and a refreshing bath Lola revealed herself as a redhead.

Sadly Lolas time on the streets had left its mark on her health. Within a day or two after bringing her home she fell ill. It deeply concerned us. She lost interest in food and grew increasingly lethargic; it felt like we were on the verge of losing her. She would occasionally show signs of improvement. Then again.

During those nights I held Lola close, inside my robe as I drifted off into sleep while praying for her recovery. Each day when I left for work my heart carried both hope. Worry that she would still be alive when I returned home.

A years back my husband paused everything he was doing. Spent the whole day just holding her close. He wanted to ensure that she felt loved even if her time was running out.

On an evening she curled up on the sofa. Slept soundly. When she woke up the following morning her eyes were shining bright. Her ears perked up with enthusiasm. It was like she had turned a corner and started flourishing from that day.

Its been four years since then. Lola has become a companion, to us and the leader of our furry friends. She joins us on our travels accompanies us on hikes and curls up, beside us at night. Our little haired girl has truly captured our hearts.