Three Boys Confront Big Snake Which Wrapped Itself Around Pet Dog

In this video three brave young boys come together to confront a snake that has wrapped itself around their dogs lower body and hind legs.

As the video shows the two younger boys courageously throw leaves at the snake in an attempt to make it let go of their dog. Meanwhile the older child tries to pin down the snakes head using what appears to be a metal table leg.

While their human companions battle, with the reptile the dog seems bewildered than distressed.

As his two friends work on untangling the snake, which initially proves challenging the older child uses the pole to push down on the snakes head until it reaches the ground.

Eventually the grip of the snake weakens enough for them to free their dog. They grab hold of both ends. Pull in directions.

Remarkably it seems that their furry friend is unharmed, by this encounter.

With pride shining through his silence the older child triumphantly lifts up wriggling snake by its head.

The fate of this serpent remains unknown.

The location where this video was filmed remains a mystery.