Two German Shepherds Passed Away In 3 Weeks One From Cancer One From Massive Stroke

We recently experienced the loss of two dogs, within a span of three weeks. One was a 10 year dog who unfortunately succumbed to bone cancer while the other, an 11 year old suffered a stroke. Needless to say we were absolutely devastated by these losses.

During this time we became aware of a German Shepherd at our local animal shelter who was running out of time. Without hesitation I made the decision to adopt him without seeing him in person. When the Veterinary Technician brought him to me from the infirmary I was completely taken aback.

What I saw before me was an 18 month Shepherd weighing only 40 pounds and bearing over 38 bite marks on his head and neck. One ear appeared shorter than the other due to injuries that were still visible on the scar tissue. It became evident that poor Cody had been attacked as a puppy and again before being abandoned at the shelter.

The initial couple of months proved to be extremely challenging for both Cody and us. He had issues and struggled with eating properly.

In order to help him regain his health I dedicated my time to preparing meals for Cody until it became routine. After four months had passed we began witnessing Codys personality shining through. He started eating but still exhibited some unease in everyday situations such as riding in cars where he would cling himself tightly to the floorboard.

However things took a turn for the months later when we decided to rescue a female Rottweiler. This new addition played a role, in boosting Codys confidence levels which’re evident even today. Our furry babies have formed a bond with each other.

Cody weighs, around 100 pounds. Doesn’t dwell on his past. Even car rides have changed. When its time to say goodbye there’s a competition to see who can get in the truck or car first.

Cody had a bit of a start. He has turned into the most affectionate and loyal furry companion. His younger sister, Rayne Marie shares a bond with him.

It was a journey. Every challenge and trial we faced with both dogs was absolutely worth it. Our beloved pets are healthy, happy and deeply cherished. You know what they say. One persons trash is another persons treasure. In our case our treasures go by the names Cody and Rayne.