Puppy Found Crawling Around Construction Site Looking For Someone To Help Him

A construction worker discovered a puppy, who appeared to be two or three months old in need of urgent help. The brave worker approached the puppy which was wandering around the construction site searching for someone to assist him.

During their lunch break the worker picked up the pup. Took him to the Chicago Animal Care and Control shelter. On it was decided that volunteers, from the One Tail At A Time animal rescue group in Chicago would take them to a clinic for a checkup. The aim was to determine what had caused his injuries and provide treatments.

Despite his illness this resilient pup is currently living with a family and showing signs of determination. 

Despite hi size they he already faced challenges in his short life. However things are now looking up for him. Although we don’t know who his parents are it’s likely that Parmesan Cris was either abandoned by someone born as a stray.

The important thing now is that Parmesan Cris fully recovers and enjoys life to the fullest. He has been given a chance, at life in his home where he will undoubtedly receive all the love and care they need.

The young puppy seems to be growing and changing all the time, which indicates a future thanks, to the care and affection of its nurturing mother.