Dog Confused After His Family Abandoned Him At High-Kill Shelter, Then Adopted By New Best Friend

A Pitbull named Blue faced a situation. His family left him behind. Blue had been living with a family, in California for a year. When they relocated they made the decision not to take Blue along.

Consequently Blue was surrendered to Carlson Shelter in California which unfortunately has a reputation as a high risk facility. The emotional toll on Blue was so overwhelming that he couldn’t help but break down in tears. 

Despite the volunteers attempts to offer him treats or bring a smile to his face he was simply too overcome by the emotions he was experiencing. Some may argue that the photographs depict tears caused by allergies but down we all understand that those tears were a reflection of this beautiful Pitbulls sorrow.

Thankfully the compassionate volunteers from Saving Carson Shelter Dogs stepped in. Shared a video about Blue on social media platforms. Their intention was to raise awareness and find someone who would provide Blue with a home and the love he deserved. When you watch the video it becomes evident that these remarkable individuals were merely extending their helping hand. All Blue longed for was assistance and companionship, for the remainder of his life.

Ultimately destiny brought Jennifer McKay into Blues life. They became best friends.

Jennifer didn’t just visit once or twice. Three times and, on the visit she decided to take him home!

“When I first saw him ” McKay shared with The Dodo “he seemed sad and downcast. It was evident that he would search for his owners every time someone passed by.” She continued, “It was as if he had a sense that he had been abandoned there.” However during Jennifers visit something changed. Blues spirits. He immediately gravitated towards his future owner!

Ever since Blue left the kennel and found a home he has transformed completely. Upon arriving at his abode Blue was treated to a bath and taken for a walk. He quickly made himself comfortable by dozing off on the living room couch. When not napping or enjoying car rides with the windows down his favorite pastime is admiring himself in the mirror.

Now that Blue is settled in hands he can embark on this chapter of his life with optimism.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to the volunteers who dedicate their time to assisting animals, like Blue in finding forever homes!