He Laid Motionless Under Raining Beside The Highway Road Desperate Waiting For Help

“While I was driving I spotted a dog lying down. Something, about him made me feel like he was in trouble. So I turned back. Went to check on him. When I reached him he was just lying there next to the road in a puddle of rainwater. It seemed like he had given up as if saying, ‘I can’t take it anymore!’

“I could see that he was in pain ” I told him. “Is there anything we can do to help? Don’t give up yet! I’m here for you even if you’re feeling uncomfortable.” Fahrudin reassured.

Fahrudin took the dog to the vet immediately. The vet will perform X rays to determine any fractures or internal injuries. Those are their concerns.

There’s hope for Maddox that’s what they named him. After consultations, with professionals the spinal surgery will be conducted at a clinic despite the challenges they may face in saving his life.

“Maddox is about to face his battle “He will meet a surgeon who will perform the procedure and attempt to give Maddox a fighting chance.

He displayed intelligence and awareness that it seemed as if he knew everything and where they were heading.

Without delay he was taken to the operating room and preparation area. Maddox underwent surgery! Currently he is peacefully asleep, after waking up. He. Relaxes.

In the two or three days the initial post operative assessment will be conducted to determine if he experiences pain! If he responds to “pinching with scissors ” there is a 50% chance that with practice he may regain his ability to walk.

Due to the severity of his cord injury it is highly likely that Maddox may never walk again. There have been cases involving cords with comparable damage. However his life goes on! We will ensure that he has access to a wheelchair.

It has been six days since the operation! The outlook is discouraging. Crushed vertebrae were. Instead of its natural grey color the spinal cord appeared blue. The damaged vertebra has been removed. Both pain and severe discomfort are no longer present. 

Unfortunately estimations suggest that Maddox will require a wheelchair, for the rest of his life.

Sometimes amazing things can happen! People will try to do things that seem impossible. In reality nothing is truly impossible.

The progress that Maddox has made is truly remarkable. After 16 days he is already showing signs of improvement. He has managed to find his balance and stand on his two legs. However this is the beginning. The plan is for him to return to his cage after an hour. We’ll see how it goes.

It’s important not to put all your faith, in miracles. However it’s also worth acknowledging that extraordinary things can occur. The veterinarian remains hopeful. Believes that Maddoxs fighting spirit will help him regain his ability to walk.