Stray Dog Never Tastes Love Melts Million Hearts Getting Pampered For The First Time

When Blossom, a dog was found on the porch of an abandoned house, in Oklahoma she wasn’t exactly living her life.

Despite the efforts of. Locals trying to catch her she remained elusive.

That all changed when Erika, a citizen alerted WOOF Pet Rescue Society, who quickly arrived at the scene.

“It wasn’t a task to catch her. She resisted being caught with the pole. Put up a fight until we managed to get her into the crate.. Once she was secure there she calmed down. By the time we reached WOOF she seemed happy to be near us. Although still cautious she appeared relaxed to enjoy some interaction ” shared the rescue team on Facebook.

Safely in the care of WOOF Pet Rescue Blossom was immediately taken to a veterinarian.

The diagnosis? A severe case of mange. No life threatening conditions.

With some tender loving care (TLC) Blossom was well on her way towards a recovery.

Following her evaluation the staff at WOOF Pet Rescue decided it was time for Blossom to have an experience that might be new, for her—a bath.

At first Blossom was unsure and tense as soap bubbles formed in her fur.

As the warm water cascaded over her she began to relax realizing for the time that humans could offer comfort and care.

Her transformation didn’t end there.

After her bath Blossom stayed in the tub a little longer savoring the sensation of being nurtured.

It felt like she was cherishing the moment delighting in the love and attention that she had possibly never experienced before.

Blossoms journey, to recovery continued at the rescue center.

The staff diligently gave her baths daily to treat her mange.

Gradually but steadily her brown fur started regrowing revealing her personality underneath.

She became quite sociable enjoying spending time with both the staff and fellow dogs at the shelter.

As fate would have it one of the families involved in rescuing Blossom couldn’t forget about her.

They visited regularly at the shelter. Formed a connection, with her.

When it was time for Blossom to leave the shelter this family eagerly provided her with a home she truly deserved.Blossoms life took a turnaround when she settled into her home. Going from a dog who was cautious, around humans to becoming a family pet her transformation was truly remarkable.

Nowadays she finds joy in the pleasures of life such as enjoying naps on the couch.

That’s not all. Blossom has also discovered the delight of playtime especially when it involves playing fetch with her siblings.

Yes she still relishes her baths, which’s quite different from the anxious puppy who used to hesitate at the sight of water and soap.

Blossoms story serves as a heartwarming testament, to the power of love. Care in bringing about positive change.

It serves as a reminder that even spirits that have been broken can heal with the environment and a little bit of kindness.

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