Dog At Shelter Who Loves Carrying Too Many Toys As He Can Is Still Looking For A Home

Arabella is such an joyful dog who absolutely adores getting attention. Shes also developed the routine that has captured the hearts of the shelter staff and now has thousands of people smitten with her.

“Every morning after enjoying her breakfast, in her kennel lovable Arabella sets herself a challenge to see how toys she can fit into her mouth.. Then she proudly parades around with them for the rest of the day. The fluffier the toy, the better!”

a weeks ago Arabella achieved a significant milestone. SFC Virginia shares, “Today she accomplished something managing to hold three whole toys in her mouth at once! She’s incredibly proud of herself. Needless to say we are too. That’s why we decided to celebrate her victory by sharing it on our Facebook page…”

Arabella joined the SFC Virginia crew a couple of months back after being rescued by one of their trusted partners.

“Arabella is a boxer mix lady who arrived at our shelter underweight from one of our partner shelters ” wrote SFC Virginia on Facebook. “Shes feeling overwhelmed by all the sights and sounds of our headquarters, with dogs. We’re really hoping to find her a home environment where she can gain some weight relax and ultimately live her life!”

Unfortunately finding a home has been a challenge lately, for shelters across North America. The hope now is that by showcasing Arabellas talent someone will come forward to foster or adopt her. The shelter expresses, “Arabella has been with us for a period and she longs for a place to call her own where she can delight you every day with her toy carrying antics and impressive appetite.”

The shelter further explains, “Arabella has interacted wonderfully with everyone she has met since arriving at SFC. Currently we are seeking an home where she can either be the only dog or have her own dedicated space away from other dogs so she can relax and truly settle in.”

Despite Arabellas Facebook post gaining attention and receiving thousands of shares the shelter informs us that they have only received two applications.

“We’ve had a response to Arabellas post which garnered thousands of shares. We did receive one application. We are still in touch with them. However there is still a need for Arabella to find a home ” updates SFC Virginia. “She has been in our care for quite some time now. Would make a companion for any family in search of a furry friend, to cherish.”Based on our experience, with her during her stay we believe she would thrive as the dog in a household.

Arabella seems to have some Boxer in her. Is fully grown at around 45 lbs. She is an cheerful girl who absolutely adores receiving attention. Now all she needs is a loving family who can truly appreciate her loving nature.

For those about Arabellas prowess with stuffed toys the shelter staff reports that she has impressively managed to carry four or five of them at once!

Exciting update; 

A weeks after Arabellas fame for her stuffed toy skills SFC Virginia happily announced that Arabella has found her forever home. Congratulations to Arabella! We always knew that her talent, with stuffed toys would help her find a family.