Year Of Recovery After Being Tragically Set On Fire, Riona Is Finally Moving To Her New Home.

It’s truly astonishing how some individuals can display cruelty, towards dogs. One particular dog named Riona went through suffering when her owner intentionally set her on fire year.

However a year later Riona is finally heading to her new forever home.

In June of year residents in Nutbush Tennessee were horrified as they witnessed a pitbull mix named Riona running down the street while engulfed in flames. The strong smell of gas made it evident that she had been purposely set on fire.

Ginger Natoli, the founder of Tails of Hope Dog Rescue shared that Riona was severely burnt and covered in diesel fuel confirming through witness statements that she had indeed been intentionally set ablaze. Additionally footage from a neighbors ring camera captured the sight of her running amidst a ball of flames.

Although Riona lost an ear to the fire emergency medical response managed to save her eye. Tails of Hope Dog Rescue took her in. Provided medical care at Bluff City Veterinary Specialists. Her skin was carefully protected with full body wraps administered daily.

Rionas story gained attention after a TikTok video about her ordeal went viral and received millions of views. It generated sympathy for Riona from people, around the globe.

Riona embarked on a journey, towards recovery undergoing a series of skin grafts to treat the burns that covered her entire body. Despite the trauma she endured Riona managed to maintain an attitude throughout her healing process.

According to Mclemore “Shes always wagging her tail ” which makes the situation more heartbreaking. It’s hard to fathom how someone could do such a thing to such a dog who loves everyone.”

Natoli from the Commercial Appeal mentioned that Riona actually looks of adorable with one ear adding to her charm and unique personality.

Throughout Rionas recovery Tails of Hope kept sharing updates on her progress and supporters generously sent in donations and gifts for the pup.

In the meantime Quishon Brown, a 43 year individual was arrested on charges of setting Riona on fire. He is facing misdemeanor assault charges as two felony charges for aggravated cruelty to animals and arson. The case is currently awaiting trial.

Months went by steadily and little by little Rionas condition improved. And recently exactly one year after enduring such unimaginable pain there is an uplifting update, in Rionas story; she has finally found her new forever home!Tails of Hope shared that they are about to embark on a ten hour road trip to bring Riona to her new home.

“Our main aim was to find her a forever home and thats what we managed to do ” Natoli expressed to the Commercial Appeal. “Riona now has dogs she can play with children to befriend, a yard where she can have fun and a family who possesses medical expertise and understands the nature of her injuries.”

“Rionas journey is far, from over; in fact it is just beginning ” the rescue organization conveyed on Facebook. “We have all been part of this transformation for our ‘warrior’ girl.”

As a reminder that the work of animal rescues never ceases Tails of Hope mentioned that immediately after Riona left for her home they welcomed another rescue dog who had suffered burns. “There always seems to be another friend, in need ” they emphasized. “. Now we get to play our part in another inspiring tale.”

It’s truly heart wrenching what this poor sweet dog had gone through. We’re thrilled that after a year Riona is finally heading towards her loving abode!

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