Experts find that losing a dog is as difficult as losing a loved one

Dogs are more, than animals.

In fact many dog owners will affirm that their dogs are like family.

Unfortunately unlike humans dogs have lifespans.

Depending on their breed a dogs life typically ranges from 10 to 13 years.

They simply can’t be with us for long which is why losing a dog can be just as difficult or more challenging than losing a loved one.

It may seem hard to believe. Its true.

While genuine dog lovers grieve over the loss of their cherished pet some individuals insensitively dismiss it by saying “it’s a dog” or “you need to move on.”

Not everyone understands that losing a dog isn’t easy and it never will be.

Moving forward from the loss of a pet is easier said than done.

Although getting another dog is an option starting anew won’t come without its challenges.

In fact scientific studies validate that the pain experienced after losing a dog is genuine and profound.

It can even be more difficult to recover from the loss of a pet than, from losing a human loved one.

To some people this may sound absurd.However it is one of the findings that emerged from the research.

When it comes to our animal companions we form bonds in much the way as we do with humans such, as family and friends.

During this process our brain releases. Chemicals that contribute to our connection.

Whether we spend time with an animal or a person it’s easy to develop an attachment to them.

They hold a place in our hearts. When they pass away the pain feels immeasurable.

Now the question arises; why is it more challenging to cope with the loss of a pet compared to losing a human?

The simple answer is that there isn’t an accepted way to grieve for such a loss.

There are methods for healing from the loss of a loved one.

We have family members, relatives and friends who can support us through this time.

Especially if they have experienced losses themselves they can draw upon their experiences to help us move forward.

Seeking counseling or therapy is another option, during times. Choosing these methods does not invite judgment upon oneself.Unfortunately the situation isn’t the same when we experience the loss of a pet. When our beloved dog passes away society expects us to simply “move on” and “forget.”

Many people fail to understand what it truly feels like to lose a pet.

They are unaware of the memories we have created with our friends, which is why it becomes so effortless for them to utter such phrases.

Someone who has suffered the loss of their companion cannot afford to delay responsibilities reschedule plans cancel appointments or take time off work.

We can’t engage in any of these activities solely because we have lost a pet since some individuals perceive it as an excuse.

Navigating through this type of loss is challenging because there aren’t resources to guide us through the process.

The difficult aspect is attempting to conceal our pain from others.

It may be considered an approach. Sometimes thats all we are left with.

The emotional toll is unbearable.

Psychologist Julie Axelrod explains that when we lose a loved one we also lose a source of comfort and unwavering love.

All those activities that were once shared with our pets vanish into air. Imagining life without them seems impossible!When we talk about the things you used to do with your pets it includes taking them for walks feeding them cuddling with them and even reading them a book.

Once your pet is no longer, with you those daily routines disappear too. You can’t ignore the change in your life.

Do you also remember those movie scenes where people start seeing things that remind them of someone who has already passed away?

Well that happens in life too.

You’ll find those details at home that will bring back memories of your pets. It’s almost inevitable to think about them every day.

Despite all this always remember that your feelings are valid. It’s perfectly okay not to be okay when you lose a pet.

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