Rescue Kitten Adopts An Orphaned Puppy, And They Are Now Inseparable

They spend a lot of time together all day. They even enjoy taking naps together.

Its really heartwarming to see a dog and a cat getting along like siblings. It feels so innocent.

You can definitely have dogs and cats getting along; anyone who has owned both can confirm that.. It’s not always easy. Some dog breeds aren’t very reliable. Sometimes its just hard to form a bond.

If you’ve ever witnessed their friendship, between these two beloved dogs, like I have, where they get along so well and enjoy playing together it’s truly amazing.

The family had recently welcomed a member into their home. The little puppy.. Not after that they heard about a stray kitten wandering on the streets.

With everything else going on in their lives it would have been challenging to take in another pet.. When someone is in need of help turning them away becomes nearly impossible.

Those were days, for Casanova. Since he didn’t have his mother around anymore his human guardians had to put in every effort to keep him alive.

Despite the challenges they faced they still believed there was more they could do for him. So when the opportunity came for them to take care of the stray kitten it seemed like the idea.

Together the two of them will live side by side with the stray kitty taking care of her brother.

Finally Cheech, the cats name was introduced to Casanova. She seemed genuinely interested, in and entertained by the adorable little puppy.

Cheech made her introduction by giving a kiss to Casanovas nose. After a moment of bonding this new cat and dog duo became inseparable.

They love spending their time whether its taking naps or being awake.

When her brother is asleep Cheech likes to wrap her paws around him in a way.

These two brothers are just so adorable together. Their story is truly heartwarming.

Despite their challenging beginnings, in life they have found each other. Won’t be easily separated.

I hope that they grow up together and share a lifetime of experiences while finding a loving and supportive family.