Stray Dog Drop Heartbreaking Goodbye To The Professor Who Cared For Him For 4 Years

Dogs are known for their loyalty, towards their owners stray dogs display this loyalty without having a home.

It must be truly heart wrenching to visit someone for the time. This sentiment is captured in a video where Buboy visits his friend.

His friend was no companion. Professor Carmelito Marcelo from Mabalacat City College, in Pampanga, Philippines took care of Buboy for four years. He showered him with love fed him daily and cultivated a friendship.

Unfortunately the professor fell ill one day. However his colleagues noticed something the dog continued to wait every single day. Such incredible loyalty!

Moved by this devotion Kristina—a colleague of the professor—decided to bring Buboy to see him one time. After two weeks of their reunion Marcelos health deteriorated further. He had to be hospitalized. Despite the efforts of the doctors Marcelo passed away.

Demafelix brought Buboy to Marcelos wake where he leaned over the coffin to bid farewell.. Then he lay down on the ground beside it—never wanting to leave Marcelos side.

Dogs become a part of our lives as they are considered part of the family and possess emotions to humans. 

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