Man Never Stopped Looking For His Lost Dog, And Finally Found Him After 4 Years

In 2016 Michael Joy faced every dog owners nightmare when his three beloved dogs escaped and went missing.

Although two of the dogs eventually returned Sam, the 4 month Lab cross remained unaccounted, for. Despite checking shelters and tirelessly searching everywhere Michael had no success in finding Sam.

“I made a promise to my wife that I would find this puppy ” Michael expressed. “I kept monitoring the shelters website hoping that he might appear. I never gave up.”

Even after Michael and his family relocated to Kentucky he held onto the belief that Sam was still alive and well. He frequently visited their house in Georgia with the hope of reuniting with Sam.

five years had passed without any sign of Sam until one unexpected day when Michael received a phone call from City Dogs Cleveland.

“The person on the line said, ‘We have Sam.’ In my mind I couldn’t believe it; I thought it couldn’t possibly be the Sam!” recalled Michael.

“This is Ohio! It’s almost close to Michigan!”

Naturally intrigued and skeptical at first Michael asked for a description of the dog, from the caller.

She told me “He’s a dog, with hair ” and I replied, “Where are you now? When can I. Pick him up?”

After Sam underwent an examination at the shelter they scanned him and discovered his microchip. This enabled them to trace him to the Joy family.

On that day Michael drove for eight hours to Ohio hoping that Sam would still recognize him. Both Michael and Sam had undergone changes throughout those years.

“As we arrived there and I was waiting for them to bring out Sam you could see the excitement on my face. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning ” Michael shared.

Sam was equally thrilled, as Michael! He couldn’t stop wagging his tail and jumping around his dad.

It’s safe to say that Michael won’t be letting Sam out of his sight again soon!