Zoo Employees Celebrate The Birth Of The Most Critically Endangered Chimpanzee

One of the world’s rarest Western chimpanzee, has been born at Chester Zoo, according to the staff there. Despite having just one newborn chimpanzee, the zoo said that it was vital boost as the population of the Western chimpanzee is in threat to be extinct.

The new baby chimpanzee was healthy and had bonded very well with the troop and his mother. He’ll be named after a pop or rock star as a tradition for the zoo. An employee from Chester Zoo, Andrew Lenihan, said that they have previously welcomed Annie (Lennox), Alice (Cooper), and Dylan (Bob).

He also added that the chimpanzees in the wild were under huge threat due to extensive habitat loss, diseases spread by humans, and bush meat trade.

He also confirmed that despite having just one newborn chimpanzee but it was considered very vital as there are only Western chimpanzees in Africa.

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