Small Puppies Abandoned In Cardboard Box Near Trash Can

No one can understand why people would dump or abandon their innocent animal to fend for themselves! But unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened with some poor pups, who were dumped near a trash can in a cartoon box!

Olena Pyanov, a woman from Ukraine who shares videos of rescuing abandoned and stray animals on Love Furry Friends, her YouTube channel, recently came across of Richie and Betty, 2 poor pups, who were found in a cartoon box.

Olena knew about the puppies after seeing their picture on social media, so, she directly intervened to help them. When she arrived, she was completely heartbroken as the puppies were hungry and cold. So, she directly took them to her shelter to be cared for.

They were given food and nice warm baths. They then met Mimi, Olena’s foster friend, and they became real friends. The good thing was that many people wanted to adopt the 2 puppies after reading their story from social media, and the best thing that they were both adopted! What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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