Stray Dog Found Covered In Maggots In Irrigation Canal, Fights The Odds To Survive.

A dog had an experience when she fell into an irrigation canal and cried for three days until she was finally located and rescued. However her ordeal didn’t end there. DAR Animal Rescue stepped in to help after being alerted about her situation successfully freeing her.

At first the extent of the dogs condition wasn’t immediately evident.. When she was taken to the veterinarian they were shocked by the distressing discoveries they made; damaged legs, a thorn lodged in her ear canal, a broken pelvis, gunshot wounds, from pellets and countless maggots devouring her flesh. It’s truly miraculous that she managed to survive.

The rescuers named her Rea. She spent a week receiving care at the hospital before being transferred to their shelter. Although not all of her bones could be fully healed she started walking on all fours. Over months Rea underwent treatments while staying under their care.

DAR shared their perspective by saying,”Our goal for every rescued animal is adoption.” Given Reas health issues they anticipated challenges in finding her a home. However Sarah Bagsaw came forward. Changed everything… Today Rea has been. Is leading a life, in excellent health.

“We want to express our gratitude to all those who played a part in bringing happiness to her life, including Hayley, G.A.R. And Andrew. However above all else we owe a debt of gratitude, to Sarah who has believed in her from the first moment she laid eyes on her. Rea is truly a dog. She absolutely deserves the opportunity for a wonderful life. We couldn’t be more thrilled, for her.”