Police Officer Filmed While Rescuing Pit Bull Almost Drown In Floodwater

A police officer, from the Greenville Police Department in North Carolina is being praised as a hero after rescuing a Pit bull that was on the brink of drowning in the floodwaters caused by storm Ophelia.

The police department shared a video showing Officer B. Schultz standing by a fence his knees submerged in water with a dog crate. Officer Schultz carefully reached down untied the dog from the fence and brought him to safety.

According to a post on the Greenville Police Departments Facebook page if it weren’t for someone noticing the danger and alerting them this small Pit bull would have tragically drowned. The post expressed gratitude towards the Good Samaritan who made the call acknowledging that without their intervention the dogs life would have been lost.

The police assured everyone that the dog is now, out of harms way and Animal Protective Services will be conducting investigation. We are incredibly fortunate that Officer Shultz arrived in time to rescue this pup!