Woman Picks Her Husband Up From Work, But With An Extra Passenger Inside

Receiving a gift can truly brighten someones day adding a touch of joy and warmth, to their life. Its often said that the act of giving brings happiness than receiving especially when it uplifts the spirits of the recipient. 

Pets, like dogs have an ability to boost our mood by releasing feel hormones in our bodies. This heartwarming tale is bound to bring a smile to your face. In a touching video a devoted wife and mother couldn’t resist her husband and daughters heartfelt pleas. Alex, the womans husband eagerly awaited her arrival after a day.

As she pulled up in her car and he approached she rolled down her window with a question; “I think I already know the answer but would you like to drive or hold Atlas?” Approaching closer he was surprised to see his dream puppy sitting beside him in the passenger seat. In disbelief he exclaimed, “Are you kidding me now?”

Without hesitation Alex opened the car door. Gently picked up the German Shepherd puppy. The little pup affectionately nestled into his arms as they shared a connection. 

It was holding Atlas was definitely his choice!It’s time to give their daughter Khloe a surprise, at school by introducing her to her best buddy. Khloes reaction upon meeting Atlas is absolutely priceless! She is completely awestruck. We all know how much dogs adore children. Atlas seems taken with her !