Abandoned Dogs Found Shivering In Rain, Given Blankets And Snuggle Into Them Right Away

For the three days two dogs have been enduring the rain after being left on the streets of Pennsylvania. The kind neighbors have been providing food for the dogs, over the fence and when they were given blankets they immediately snuggled into them seeking warmth and comfort.

Realizing that these two dogs couldn’t survive on their own a compassionate group of individuals came together to provide them with needed help. Speranza Animal Rescue joined in the rescue efforts. Managed to secure the surrender of both dogs within a few hours. Two dedicated volunteers from Speranza Animal Rescue went to pick up Mary and Rhoda (the names given to these canines). Brought them safely to their shelter.

In a Facebook post about this rescue mission, Speranza Animal Rescue joyfully shares that they were able to save two innocent souls. They express their happiness that Mary and Rhoda are now safe warm loved and able to sleep.

Rescues like Marys and Rhodas happen every day because there are groups of people who selflessly assist abandoned dogs who’re innocent victims in these situations.

Today marks the beginning of a journey, for these two precious girls.

“And this incredible transformation is all thanks, to a community of individuals who joined forces to provide assistance ” Speranza Animal Rescue expresses. “It’s truly remarkable how a group of individuals took action and made a difference in the lives of two beings bringing about positive change.”