The NBA’s First Emotional Support Dog, Has Passed Away

The 2 year old 24 pound mini Bernedoodle named Bailey brought joy to every day according to Becca Genecov, the social media manager, for the Dallas Mavericks.

Bailey, who was known as the NBAs only support dog passed away as shared by Genecov and Heather Baileys caretaker.

Genecov expressed her sorrow in a social media post saying goodbye to Bailey and reminiscing about the moments they shared. The cuddles, kisses and support from Bailey made each day truly remarkable.

As previously mentioned in March Bailey was introduced to the Mavericks organization by their wellness department to help alleviate stress. Heather Mau took care of Bailey while players like Dwight Powell, Josh Green, Timothy Hardaway Jr. And Maxi Kleber developed a bond with her.

“From the day I met you your vibrant personality filled every space. You had an air of confidence mixed with a touch of sassiness ( like your mom). You also showed such tender love and care for everyone, around you.”

“It feels like destiny had you pegged as the pioneer ESA, in the NBA!” Heather expressed on Instagram. “We lost you early girl and I’m left puzzled about the reason maybe it will forever be a mystery.. Remember, you touched the lives of people.”

Heather invited Baileys followers, on Instagram to post pictures in her honor.