New Adopted Puppy Thanks His Dad For Choosing Him And Falls Asleep

There’s something, about having a puppy around! They may require a lot of attention. Their loyalty and love make it all worthwhile.

The first night with a puppy can be quite an experience. Adjusting to an environment can be scary for the ones so it’s our responsibility as pet parents to help them feel safe and cared for.

Recently a sweet puppy found his home with a loving family. The tiny pup was spotted snuggled up to Dad on the couch still trying to figure out his surroundings. But one thing he knew for sure was that his human companion was pretty awesome. All Dad did choose him. As the puppy grew sleepy all he wanted was to cuddle up with his dad.

Slowly inching closer, to Dad the puppy found the perfect spot to settle down for some rest. With his head resting on Dads shoulder it almost seemed like he was sharing secrets with him. 

Before long he drifted off into dreamland radiating charm! While Dad tried to play it cool you could tell that his heart was overflowing with love.