Mother Dog And Her Puppies Found Tied Up In A Sack In The Middle of Nowhere

A mother dog and her adorable puppies are incredibly fortunate to have survived after someone heartlessly abandoned them on a dirt road cruelly tied up inside a sack. However thanks, to the kindness of a Good Samaritan who stumbled upon them their lives were ultimately saved.

Josiane Almeida, an animal rescuer from Lagoa da Prata in Brazil received an alert from the stranger who informed her about this dog family. Without hesitation Josiane and her husband promptly made their way to the road where they captured footage of the heartrending scene.

Despite having encountered animals that have suffered from abuse in the past Josiane was still deeply shocked by what she witnessed. In a post she expressed her dismay stating that it was one of the severe instances of mistreatment she had ever seen. A sick mother dog with her puppies cruelly confined in a sack and discarded in such a location – they had endured this torment for quite some time.

As Josiane approached the mother dog cautiously she emitted a growl understandably due to her distressing situation. One puppy managed to wriggle from the sack. Stood protectively by his mothers side. However three other helpless puppies remained trapped inside with their mama.

Yet there was hope on the horizon – they were about to be rescued.

Josiane could sense that something was amiss, with the mother dogs health while noticing that hunger and weakness plagued all of the puppies.

She brought the family back, to her home to provide them with water, food and a place to rest.

Later she took the mother and her puppies to the veterinarian. The vet confirmed that all the puppies were healthy but unfortunately the mother had developed a tumor.

Josiane reached out for assistance on media asking for help covering the expenses of chemotherapy. Her friends and supporters generously contributed to support her cause.

Currently Josiane is fostering both the mother dog and her puppies while the mother undergoes treatment. Once they are ready Josiane plans to find loving homes for each of the puppies through adoption.

Josiane feels relieved that she can make a difference in these dogs lives.

“Previously this family was cruelly abandoned in a bag. Left to die.. By Gods grace we were able to rescue them from their suffering! Today they are living happily with me ” expressed Josiane Almeida gratefully. “I am immensely thankful, for this opportunity given by God.”