Dog Who Was Abandoned With The Trash, Finds Loving Family Who Will Cherish Him

Stevoni Wells Doyle has been fostering dogs for, than a decade. She was pleasantly surprised by a pregnant Pit Bull that she recently took in. Graycee, a 2 year dog arrived at Stevonis home three weeks ago after being rescued by Rescue Rovers, a Utah based organization.

A few days ago Graycee gave birth to a litter of 11 puppies. To Stevonis amazement Graycee carefully picked up each puppy. Placed them gently on her lap. This heartwarming moment was captured on video.

Stevoni believes that Graycee, being a first time mother sought reassurance and comfort from her. “She would curl up in my lap. Even nurse the puppies if I allowed her ” shared Doyle.

Despite having fostered, over 100 dogs in the past Stevoni considers the bond she shares with dogs to be truly special. She intends to continue this work.

However Stevoni recognizes that what Graycee did is extraordinary. “She’s the dog who has ever brought her puppies to me as if saying ‘here you go’ ” added Doyle.

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For those wondering about the room, a friend of Stevoni and the rescue organization explained on reddit that such rooms are typically used as birthing or puppy rooms. This is because puppies have difficulty controlling their functions and its safer to confine them to an area. It also prevents any hazards that may pose a risk, to both puppies and humans.

To manage the mess during birthing they often place towels, sheets or other materials in a swimming pool to keep the mother comfortable. The pool also acts as a retreat for the mother when she needs some time away from her puppies.

Once the puppies grow older and progress with training they will be allowed in parts of the house. When they reach an age where they can be spayed/neutered and live independently without their mother they will become available, for adoption through Red Rover.