Frightened Puppy Seeks Comfort In Rescuer’s lap And drifts Off To Sleep.

A stray puppy, who was initially terrified of being harmed experienced a transformation, within a few hours of being rescued. A compassionate family discovered the bully mix puppy curled up on their doorstep and reached out to Stray Rescue of St. Louis for assistance.

Stray Rescue of St. Louis shared in a Facebook video that they received a call about a dog appearing on someones porch. Concerned for her well being as she seemed unable to move they quickly sprung into action.

One of the rescue volunteers named Donna approached the puppy cautiously offering treats and speaking softly to her. Gradually building trust Donna managed to secure a leash around the dogs neck while reassuring her that no harm would come her way.

Initially hesitant and unsure Babbit reluctantly followed Donna into the van for transportation. However during this freedom ride towards safety and care Babbit began to relax and breathe easily according to Stray Rescue of St. Louis.

As Babbit gradually realized she was in hands she let go of her guard further. By the time they arrived at the shelter she was visibly. Completely, at ease.

“She crawled onto the lap of one of our volunteers and drifted off to sleep and that moment was both beautiful and sorrowful ” the rescue organization expressed in a Facebook update. “All she longed for was kindness. It breaks our hearts to think she had been deprived of it until now.”

When she woke up they decided to give her a bath, which made Babbit feel happy. Fortunately Babbit quickly found a family where she became acquainted with another puppy who bears a resemblance to her.

“Babbit has been snuggling with them on the sofa. She absolutely adores their dog—her doppelgänger!” Stray Rescue shared. “Look at these two; they are simply perfect together!”

Stray Rescue added, “This tiny little dog was so frightened of being harmed when we first met her so witnessing her yearning, for comfort hours later is truly heart wrenching. Dogs don’t ask for much in return;. They shower you with an abundance of love and loyalty.”

We are confident that Babbit will find a loving family who will provide her with all the love and care she deserves.