Pit Bull About To Be Euthanized For Barking At Another Dog Finds Loving Home

A Pit Bull who was, on the brink of death was fortunate enough to receive a day at a shelter ultimately leading to her rescue.

Upon her arrival at a shelter in Texas Moose was severely undernourished and an x ray revealed the presence of a bullet lodged in her lung. Unfortunately Moose found herself in a high risk shelter where euthanasia was practice. However her fate took a turn when her scheduled euthanasia was postponed for one day due to the availability of a kennel. 

This one extra day proved crucial as Mooses photo captured the attention of a woman named Mikki. Mikki promptly applied to adopt Moose. Made arrangements for the dogs journey from Texas to Virginia via bus.

When Moose first met Mikki she displayed signs of nervousness; however she quickly sensed that Mikki would become her family member. Based on Mikkis observations it seemed likely that Moose had experienced life with an owner before as she appeared familiar with commands like “drop it” and exhibited training. 

To Mikkis disbelief she discovered that Moose had been slated for euthanasia due, to reported issues.. Upon reviewing Mooses file all she could find was an incident where Moose had barked at another dog.Mikki noticed that when interacting with canines Moose would bark out of excitement rather than aggression since she eagerly desired companionship and friendship.

Now after a year and a half has passed Mikki mentions that Moose is continuing to display enthusiasm in being everyones companion. Mikki also shares that she is presently engaged in the process of training Moose to become her service dog.

Mikki expresses her sadness regarding the notion that Moose was once considered for euthanasia due, to a non existent behavioral problem.

Furthermore Mikki adds with a tinge of melancholy “Its disheartening because she is truly flawless.”